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One of the legacies of the Soviet era is the tight control of borders and migration. Discussions have been ongoing for many years with the US, EU and other nations to relax the rather stringent requirements and make it easier for citizens for all countries to travel in and around the country, with reciprocal relaxation of requirements for Russian citizens to travel abroad. So far these negotiations have not returned any significant results, which means for most foreign visitors from Europe and the US, the pre-departure visa application can be a time-consuming and expensive hassle.

Visitors from most former Soviet countries and several others do not require visas to travel to Russia for tourist purposes for a limited period of time. In each case requirements are different and are subject to change, so do check the latest requirements while planning your trip. These countries include: Argentina, Bosnia, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Domincan Republic, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela. 

For most other countries, you will be required to secure an invitation letter from an accredited organization in Russia which will then allow you to apply for a visa in your home country prior to departure. This invitation letter (priglasheniye) is issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry (or regional representative) or Russian Federal Migration Service branch at the request of a travel agent, hotel, business, or private individual. Passports should contain at least two empty pages, and be valid for a period of at least 6 months following expiration of the visa. The visa application should also stipulate what towns or cities the holder intends to visit.

Upon arrival, foreign citizens are required to register with the local authorities within seven working days. This is so that the authorities know exactly where you will be staying. If you are travelling around and likely to be staying in several different towns or cities, then you should be prepared to register upon arrival at each new location. If you're staying in a hotel or rental apartment, this step will be taken care of upon arrival by the owners.

If you need visa support documents we will be glad to issue them for you. This is free of charge. But for guarantee of no-show we kindly ask you to fulfill the payment  agreement and send it back to us with the documents  for visa : info@helvetiahotel.ru or +7812-712-30-76. .As soon as we receive all necessary information, we’ll be able to send you Visa invitation.