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Owner of Helvetia Hotel
Hotel Helvetia is an independent premium hotel with the owner at the helm. The owner’s passion for the hotel ensures the top quality of the service and inspires the unique character of the place. You find yourself in the house of a friend.
Yunis Teimurkhanly
"Here, like in a theatrical performance, you see drama, tragic and comic elements, adventure and romantic lyrics come up close and personal».
of the bestsellers
Owner, general manager of Helvetia Hotel
Yunis Teimurkhanly
«Do not disturb». Hotelier's Notes
A talented and bright author, Yunis Teymurkhanli, the prominent hotelier, owner and general manager of the Hotel Helvetia, talks about the life of his hotel and its guests in a way that is both funny and touching. His prose sometimes has a touch of sadness and is always full of emotion.
The book features the most engaging stories from the lives of culture idols, style icons and their annoying fans, and brings together popular writers and foreign tourists, as well as businessmen, sports stars and ordinary visitors.
«Room service». Hotelier's Notes
This book is a sequel of the bestselling book by the renowned hotelier. It contains vivid and brilliantly written stories, where love and hate, ambition and envy, high achievements and painful disappointments go hand in hand. Every story shows us an exciting new day from the life of the hotel, full of funny and sad happenings. The characters make an amazing motley crew of popular stars and their fans as well as hotel’s guests and its resourceful staff.
«Upgrade». Hotelier's Notes
Hotel Helvetia once again welcomes readers into the world of hospitality. Yunis is back with exciting new stories, which are always funny and touching, wise and thoughtful, but unfailingly full of life and character. And, as it should be happening in the world of hospitality, all the secrets are kept in a safe and secure place, behind the hotel’s doors.
The project features 10 series that tell captivating stories from the lives of employees and guests of the Helvetia hotel. The series bring together star visitors with big names and ordinary guests alike. A number of different genres fuse together in a thrilling mix as we follow the stories from the lives of pop idols and their annoying fans, as well as businessmen, sports stars, writers and foreign tourists. The audience enjoys an insider’s perspective on the exciting events unfolding at the hotel and gets a full sense of presence.
«Notes of a Hotelier.
Premiere of the film series
Informative, engaging and diverse, the Telegram channel of Yunis Teymurkhanli is full of useful practicalities, smart observations and unorthodox ideas in the field of hospitality. It is a wonderful read for both industry professionals and those who like to travel.
On his channel, Yunis Teymurkhanli, one of the most experienced and successful hoteliers in the country, shares his thoughts on the current state and prospects of the hotel business and the hospitality industry
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