Правила проживания в отеле

1.1. This regulation has been developed in accordance with RF “Consumer Right Protection Law” dated 07.02.1992 № 2300-1, RF Government Regulation “Concerning approval of regulations of providing accommodation services in Russian Federation” dated 09.10.2015 № 1085 and other federal and local normative legal acts, controlling hotel business.

1.2. Guests may find the Residence Regulation:

  • in the information folder in the room;
  • in the hotel Web site in the section Welcome.

1.3. Guests may learn RF Government Regulation “Concerning approval of regulations of providing accommodation services in Russian Federation” dated 09.10.2015 № 1085 in the information folder in the hotel reception hall.

1.4. Changes and supplements can be introduced to the current rules.

1.5. In case of payment debts for hotel services (accommodation, extras), non-paid damage made during the previous stay, impossibility to guarantee the extra services’ payment on check-in and also lack of documents essential to be checked-in the hotel reserves the right to deny a guest the accommodation.
1. General Provisions
2.1. Executor provides essential and right information about the hotel and its services on Web site, in the on-line reservation systems and for travel agencies which have agreements with the hotel.

2.2. Executor accepts reservation requests by e-mail, that allows specify that the request is sent by a specific buyer, or by phone:

  • tel: +7 812) 312 24 44, +7 (812) 312 53 53.
  • e-mail:

2.3. If guest has guaranteed reservation, the hotel keeps a room until the noon on the day followed the expected date of arrival. If the booking is cancelled less than

  • 24 hours in Low Season
  • three days in Shoulder Season
  • five days in High Season
and also in case of no-show the guest or the customer pays a fine equal to one night’s room rate. If the delay is longer than one night, the guaranteed reservation is cancelled.

2.4. If the guest has non-guaranteed reservation, the hotel keeps a room until 06:00 p.m. on the arrival date and after that the room is released.

2.5. In case of provisional guaranteed (paid) reservation a guest arriving earlier the check-in time (07:00 a.m. – noon) covers 50% of room rate in Low and Shoulder Seasons and 100% of room rate in High Season.

2.6. If the early arrival is non-guaranteed a guest arriving before check-in time is accommodated free if a room is available.
2. Room Reservation
3.1. The hotel is for provisional accommodation of citizens for the period stated in the request or announced by guest on check-in, if guest is accommodated without initial request. Foreign citizens are accommodated for the period while visa and emigration card are valid. When the dates of accommodation expires, the guest has to check-out.

3.2. If guest decides to prolong the stay on the departure day, he has to inform the reception about it not later than three hours before check-out time – the noon local time. On availability and in consultation with Reservation department receptionist extends the accommodation period.

3.3. When checking in Russian citizens have to present a valid and proper document proving identity as RF Regulation requires.

3.4. To be checked in foreign citizens and persons without citizenship have to provide

  • a passport of foreign citizen or another document established by federal law or approved by international contract of RF as a document which proves identity of foreign citizen.
  • a document issued by foreign state and approved by international contract of RF as a document which proves identity of persons without citizenship
  • temporary residence permit for persons without citizenship
  • residence permit for persons without citizenship

3.5. The number of guests staying in the room has to be equal to the number of beds. On administration approval in rooms of specified categories, an extra bed can be provided for children under 14 at the rate stated in the price list.

3.6. Children under 12 stay free in the parents’ room without extra bed. On request the hotel provides a baby cot free of charge. For children between 5 and 12 years the hotel charges 50% of the breakfast rate.

3.7. In accordance with the Rules of registration and removal of citizens of Russian Federation from the registration account the hotel registers Russian guests. Guests under 14 years are registered on the basis of documents of parents or close relatives and birth certificate.
Statement of the foreign citizen and the stateless person for registration at the place of stay at the hotel and remove them from the account shall be in accordance with the rules of implementation of migratory accounting of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship in Russian Federation. For foreign citizens this is the paid service.

3.8. Check-out time is 12:00 Moscow time. Check-in time is 14:00.

3. Guests’ accommodation at the hotel
4.1. The hotel does not charge for the room reservation.

4.2. Payment for accommodation corresponds with check-out time. In case of late departure the hotel takes payment as follows:
  • from 12:00 to 18:00 – 50% of the room rate
  • after 18:00 – 100% of the room rate

4.3. Walk-in guests accommodated after midnight pay 100% of the room rate if they stay one night and 50% of the rooms rate for the first night if they stay longer.

4.4. Payment for accommodation and for other ordered services is made according the price list approved by the order of Hotel Manager.

4.5. Guest can prepay the ordered and confirmed services or can pay directly in hotel on check-in. The hotel accepts payments by cash or by credit card. If guest pays by CC, the hotel makes preliminary authorization of money at amount equal to ordered services. On check-out the preliminary authorization amount is cancelled and after that the operation Payment is done.

4.6. The hotel accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Maestro.

4.7. People non-staying in the hotel may visit the hotel guests until 23:00. If a visitor stays later, the hotel reserves the right to charge for an extra person’s stay and to demand the document proving the visitor’s identity.

4.8. On check-out guest makes the final payment for all services used during the stay and leaves the key at Reception.
4. Payment
5.1. Besides paid services Hotel provides the following free services:

  • ambulance call;
  • drinking water, juces, sparkling wine on arrival;
  • Russian tea from 16:00 to 18:00 in the guest area;
  • delivery of correspondence to room;
  • wake up call;
  • provision of disposable razor;
  • taxi call;
  • reservation of table in hotel and city restaurants;
  • Wi-Fi.

5.2. Money, documents of value, jewellery must be kept in room safe or in reception safe. If guest keeps this rule, hotel administration is liable for loss of and damage to personal property.

5.3. Hotel takes no responsibility for municipal services such as power, water, heating cut off.

5.4. While guest is staying in the hotel Housekeeping cleans the room daily. Change of towels – daily, change of linen – daily. Additional cleaning and change of towels and linen is paid according to the price list.

5.5. Smoking in rooms and in the restaurants is strictly prohibited. If Guest breaks this rule he has to pay for extra dry cleaning according to the price list.

5.5. While guest is staying in the hotel the mini bar staff replenishes minibar on guest request or as the need arises with products in accordance with minibar menu.

5.6. If the hotel staff finds lost things in the room, the hotel administration does its best to return them to the owner. If it’s impossible, hotel keeps them until the moment of handing over to the guest or to his agent for three months.

5.7. Book of comments and suggestions is available at Reception and must be given immediately upon request of the guest. Hotel accepts complaints and petitions in writing and handle them due course of law.

5. Procedure of accommodation at the hotel
6.1. Consumer has right to:

  • demand the information about free services provided by the hotel;
  • demand the list of additional services with prices
  • demand to remove defects if he gets low-quality service or to reduce the price for such a service.
  • write a review of the stay evaluating all used services.

6.2. Guest obliges:

  • pay for all provided services;
  • follow the hotel rules and the procedure of accommodation;
  • keep the fire safety rules, don’t allow fire risk;
  • keep the public peace in the hotel and in room, don’t make noise and don’t disturb other guests after 23:00;
  • in case of communication failure (electricity, water, heating) immediately inform Reception about it;
  • turn off the water faucet, close windows, turn off the light, TV and other electrical appliances, lock the door when leaving the room;
  • pay for damage caused to hotel property in accordance with current price list;
  • pay for extra dry cleaning in case of smoking in room;
  • keep money, documents of value, jewelers in the room safe or check them for secure storage in Reception;
  • honor the fixed check-out time.
6. Rights and obligations of guests
7.1. Hotel has right to:

  • move the guest to another hotel of the same level if there is no chance to provide him a room in the hotel;
  • move the guest to another room of the same category if it is necessary to do urgent reparation and to eliminate the reasons preventing the room’s normal utilization;
  • check out the guest if he breaks the current rules or do not pay on time for the provided services or if his behaver endangers the safety or the health of other guests;
  • put the personal things left in the room in the luggage room if the length of paid stay expires. Such action may be done in presence of the representative of the hotel administration.

7.2. Hotel obliges to:

  • provide free transportation to the guest moved to another hotel;
  • move the guest to another equivalent or higher room if there are some defects in the room compromising the guest safety;
  • keep the lost and found things during three months and valuable things and money during a year since the moment when the statement of lost things had been drawn up;
  • ensure that information of consumers and visitors is treated in a confidential manner;
  • escape arranging noisy events in the court yard after 23:00.

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7. Rights and obligations of hotel administration